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Stair Climber Portable Folding Hand Cart

Stair Climber Portable Folding Hand Cart

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Stair Climber Portable Folding Hand Cart

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Our Stair Climber Portable Folding Hand Cart is constructed with a sturdy (PE) Polyethylene case, thick aluminum alloy handle, and wear-resistant and pressure-resistant (TPE) Thermoplastic elastomers wheels to ensure our Stair Climber Portable Folding Hand Cart rolls effortlessly and smoothly on flat surfaces or up flights of stairs. The front wheel is a 360° Vientiane wheel design, easy to push and pull. The rear tri-wheel has a total of 6 wheels with 3 on each side, which makes it very suitable for daily use on flat ground and climbing stairs using the amazing tri-wheel design. Our Stair Climber Portable Folding Hand Cart is more comfortable and easier to use than traditional trolleys. The weight of the product is 8.6 pounds. 【EASY TO FOLD AND STORAGE】Our Stair Climber Portable Folding Hand Cart is a collapsible shopping cart that is lightweight, it can be easily folded down to only 4 inches thick and weighs 8 pounds, but has a very solid and sturdy construction. These collapsible shopping carts are perfect for compact storage and have a space-saving design to fit in your car, office, garage, or home. It is very convenient for you to carry by hand or in your backpack, or car trunk and it unfolds and is ready to use in seconds. This Stair Climber Portable Folding Hand Cart is great for making deliveries, going shopping, and traveling with groceries or supplies. 【EXTRA STRONG LOADING】These Stair Climber Portable Folding Hand Carts have a new design and are foldable for quick easy storage with wheels that handle well and have the ability to climb stairs and be able to withstand heavier loads than traditional portable hand carts. The telescoping handle and removable lid allow you to transport many different kinds of items like books, files, classroom supplies, groceries, laundry, pets, or personal items for traveling, shopping, moving, etc. 【HUMANIZED DESIGN】wear & pressure resistance (TPE) Thermoplastic elastomers wheels can roll on any surface easily, ensuring a smooth and effortless ride. Our rear wheel is designed with three wheels on each side which makes climbing stairs quick and easy. The aluminum alloy handle adjusts to three different heights making it suitable for people of all different sizes. Just press the button to extend or collapse the handle, it can extend to 37.4" high and locks in place. It's great for short or tall people and can be adjusted to your height so it's easy to use. 【EASY MULTIFUNCTIONAL USE】This Stair Climber Portable Folding Hand Cart can be easily assembled by just unfolding it, the side has a sliding button that can keep it fixed as a box or easily collapse it for storage when not in use. There's a top lid for privacy and security. You can load more items on the box, or use them as a portable seat, stepstool, transporting tool, chair, container, small table, etc. The lid is completely out of the way when not in use and still attached, you can hang it in the front for loading and transporting bigger items.

Stair Climber Portable Folding Hand Cart-Exceptional Store

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